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Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506

  • Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506
  • Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506
  • Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506
  • Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506
  • Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506
  • Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506
  • Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506
  • Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506

Buckingham Palace Stamp Cover featuring 6 Special Stamps - BC506


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Buckingham Palace Stamp Cover featuring 6 Special Stamps - BC506

Elegant stamp cover celebrating the residence of British Sovereigns since 1837.

Here at the Post Office Shop, we have a wide variety of collectibles which celebrate a wide variety of events and themes; currently we have a large selection of items commemorating Royalty, included in this collection is the Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover.

Today, Buckingham Palace is the headquarters of the Monarchy, where The Queen carries out her official and ceremonial duties as Head of State of the United Kingdom and Head of the Commonwealth.

This iconic building is steeped in history. The site where the Palace stands can be traced back as far as the reign of James I, who established a plantation of mulberries for the rearing of silkworm in what is now the Buckingham Palace Garden. The house which once stood upon these grounds had a succession of tenants until it was let to John Sheffield in 1698; he later became the first Duke of Buckingham and gave the house its name.

The Duke initially demolished the original building to create the new 'Buckingham House' and it remained the property of the Dukes of Buckingham until 1761. It was then acquired by George III as a private family residence for his wife Queen Charlotte and their children; it was then known as 'The Queens House'.

After acceding to the throne in 1820, George IV wanted the existing house to be transformed into his palace. This was due to him feeling so at home at The Queens House during his childhood. During the last five years of George IV's life, architect John Nash enlarged Buckingham House into the iconic U-shaped building which was to become Buckingham Palace and was widely regarded as a masterpiece.

George IV's successor was his brother William IV; however he had no intentions of moving from his home at Clarence House. It wasn't until his niece, Queen Victoria ascended to the throne in June 1837 and chose it as her official residence, making her the first Sovereign to rule from Buckingham Palace. The Queen's marriage to Prince Albert in 1841 set the seal on the use of the Palace as a Royal Family home and as a place of entertainment, aswell as official business.

There have been many alterations on the Palace since Victoria's time; the Palace we know today has 775 rooms. These include 19 state rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. The Palace is very much a working building and the centrepiece of Britain's constitutional monarchy under the current reign of Elizabeth II.

Released on the Queen's Birthday, this stamp set celebrates what is arguably the world's most famous building. The cover has six stamps for this issue, each depicting the Palace through the ages. Buckingham Palace finally became the official royal palace of the British monarch on the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. The last major structural additions were made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the East front, which contains the well known balcony on which the Royal family traditionally congregate to greet crowds outside.

  • Featuring six First Class stamps from the Buckingham Palace issue
  • Featuring a stunning image of Buckingham Palace
  • Cancelled with a specially designed Buckingham Palace, London SW1 post mark on the first day of issue

Release Date: 15th April 2014

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Buckingham Palace Stamps Cover - BC506

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