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Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434

  • Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434
  • Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434
  • Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434
  • Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434
  • Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434
  • Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434
  • Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434

Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434


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Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434

Part of a wide selection of Presentation Packs at the Post Office Shop, and celebrating a golden age of British toys, this Classic Toys Presentation Pack contains ten special stamps including some of the most famous and cherished names of yesteryear. Action Man, Meccano, Hornby Duplo, Fuzzy Felt and the Spacehopper are all captured here along with the Merrythought Bear, Sindy, Spirograph, Stickle Bricks and Herald Trojan Warriors.

W Britain pioneered the hollowcast method of figure making in the late 19th century turning lead soldiers into lighter and cheaper products. By 1901 Frank Hornby was innovating with ‘Mechanics Made Easy’ which later became Meccano and changed constructions toys forever. Even teddy bears were evolving as Merrythought began to take on the might of the German manufacturer Steiff.

Frank Hornby was back in 1932 with his OO-scale Hornby Duplo train set, shrinking their size and expanding their appeal. Coming years saw the birth of some of the biggest selling toys in history with Fuzzy Felt (1950), Sindy (1963), Spirograph (1965), Action Man (1966), Stickle Bricks (1969) and the Spacehopper, bouncing onto the scene in 1969.

This PPCT / AP434 Classic Toys Presentation Pack comes with ten first class special stamps each featuring one of the toys that defined playtime for millions of children. Each toy has been expertly written about by toy expert and author and founder of ToyTalk, David Smith.

Quick Facts: Classic Toys Presentation Pack

  • Action Man - Introduced in 1966 and shown in his popular red devil parachutist outfit.
  • Meccano - Invented by Frank Hornby and originally marketed as “Mechanics Made Easy” in 1901. It was renamed Meccano in 1907 and remains one of the most collectable British toys.
  • Hornby Duplo - Frank Hornby’s scale model train sets were first introduced in 1920.
  • Fuzzy Felt - Created by Lois Allan in 1950 the combination of flocked blacking board and felt shapes has captivated young children through the decades.
  • Spacehopper - Originally designed for exercise the spacehopper was a frequent sight on British streets during the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Merrythought Bear - Merrythought is a soft toy manufacturer founded in 1930 by Gordon Holmes. Its first catalogue introduced the mohair Merrythought Bear.
  • Sindy - The British answer to Barbie first came to market in 1963 by Pedigree Toys Ltd. Cutting edge designers Foale and Tuffin designed her teenage girl outfits.
  • Spirograph - These plastic wheels with holes use complicated mathematical formula to create hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. Twist the Spirograph wheels around a coloured pen and watch a pattern emerge.
  • Stickle Bricks - An individual stickle brick has a brush of small plastic “finger” on one or more edges. Toddlers love to create houses and other constructions with these brightly coloured shapes.
  • Herald Trojan Warriors - Originally made of lead, the William Britain company then switched to plastic to make their toy soldiers. The US Cavalry, Greek warriors and Cowboys and Indians were the most popular.

Release Date: 22nd August 2017

Classic Toys Presentation Pack - PPCT / AP434

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